Down But Not Out

My name is Kay, and this is my journey to 140 lbs. My ultimate goal is 127, but I decided to set a more realistic goal for this course of 100 days. My journey won't be over at the end of this cycle-but it's the kick start I need. I was inspired by the method of MTV's 'I Used To Be Fat' in that I've created a countdown calendar with mini goals and motivational words written on each day. I hope to inspire you as much as I hope to inspire myself. I'm worth this change and you are too!
Starting Weight: 187
Current Weight: 177.5
Highest Weight: 197
Goal Weight in 100 Days: 140
Ultimate Goal Weight: 127 (50.5 lbs to go!)

My 35 Day Challenge

Okay guys, I’ve just decided that for the next 35 days I’m going nothing but fruits & veggies. Also, incorporating things like beans and almond milk etc for protein. But I want my body to feel nourished so no oils or breads or crap like that. If I can’t pick it off a tree, vine, ground whatever-it is NOT going into my body. Logging what I eat every night here starting tomorrow until Feb 14th yeah? That’s 35 days I think. Alright let’s do this!

-Kay x